Spring Food Colours

As August ends, the spring colours and styles appear everywhere. Here’s a tongue-in-cheek look at the new spring season colour names.

I opened my Target catalogue and noticed that for spring, it’s food all the way – salmon, cream, mocha, latte, paprika, spiced coral, cinnamon dust, burnt olive and oatmeal. Were the designers cold and hungry in winter when they named these colours?

Burnt olive confused me. How do you burn an olive? I saw no difference between it and a normal olive green. I also found ‘fatigue’. Yes, as in ‘army fatigue’. Fatigue seems to be a light olive colour. And where did ‘donkey’ and ‘dark nomad’ come from? Donkey is a shirt colour in a brownish-khaki shade. I guess the colour looks like what we assume when we think of a donkey. ‘Dark nomad’ really got me. From the picture, it appears to be a camel colour ie beige mixed with a pale apricot. There’s nothing dark about it.

That’s the beauty of women’s fashions. It’s never dull and boring.

It put a smile on my face just writing about it.


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